You Should Know the Facts about Cardboard Boxes

Custom boxes are the most economical and eco-friendly packaging solution made up of paperboard, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, and Kraft paper. Cardboard boxes can be customized in shapes, sizes, and designs that perfectly go with the theme of the company and the product. These boxes are durable and can be trusted for any type of product.

Packaging needs are not the same anymore as the old times precisely as the material that was commonly used to pack the products.

Purpose of packaging, the material used to make packaging, requirements, customers’ needs and demands, advancement in technology, and market trends are interlinked, and change in any one of these affects the other.

Products were packed in the past to keep them safe and deliver to different places in one piece but now with the new technology, increase in consumer rate, availability of a variety of material, and greater competition among the brands that launch new products each day, the purpose of packaging has evolved into advertisement and promoting of products.

Custom cardboard boxes are the best when it comes to fulfilling all the packaging requirements. These boxes can increase your brand worth and make a distinguished place among the competitors and the customers.

Custom printed boxes made up of cardboard are no less than any other expensive and extravagant packaging material if you know how to use them in an effective way.


Cardboard is a strong and sturdy material, and its thickness can be increased or decreased according to the requirement of the product it is used for. Corrugated cardboard is made in different layers that increase the strength of the box like e-flute boxes that have corrugated layers sandwiched between layers of paperboard sheets. You do not have to worry about breakage of the product during shipping at different places and mishap during handling and storing at the retailer.


The must-to-know fact about cardboard is that they give you the freedom of bringing your packaging imaginations and creativity into a reality that is the key to entice customers, create distinction, and build a strong brand image.

Printed cardboard boxes by The Custom Boxes in personalized designs, colors, company information, and necessary details create a better understanding of the product and the company for the customers. Informative packaging makes it easy for the customers to connect with the product and make their purchase. It takes a few seconds to decide a product depending on the packaging as it is the only thing that customers see about the product. To create an impressive first impression, you can get custom printed cardboard boxes that represent your product in the best way and target your potential audience amongst the flood of other competitive products.


Cardboard boxes printed in a unique way can be molded in any shape that can fit every size of product from smaller to larger. To complement the product, company, and the entity or event they are designed for the boxes can be made in unique style because of the advance die-cutting techniques and flexible nature of paperboard. Die-cut boxes are made up of single sheet cut into the template as;

  1. Pillow boxes
  • Flip open boxes
  • Widow cut boxes
  • Gable boxes and many more.

Premium quality

No one will ever tell you the fact that it is possible to get high-end product packaging boxes with cardboard. Where state of the art printing technology gives these boxes and outstanding presentation, laminations play an essential role in polishing and enhancing the outlook of custom product packaging boxes with its glossy, matte, or velvety coating.

These coatings provide protection to the box from moisture and water plus increase the strength of the packaging.


Seeing the situation of environmental pollution prevailing each day with the use of non-ecofriendly packaging material like plastic that takes years to decompose, product boxes packaging made of cardboard are the best product packing option. These boxes are made up of recycled paperboard or virgin wood pulp that is 100% biodegradable and recyclable as many times as possible.


It is most important to know that cardboard boxes for product packaging are really cost-effective when it comes to customization, production, and shipping across the world. Product packaging boxes in wholesale are cheaper than any other option available in the market because of the larger quantity. These boxes are proved to be the most efficient because of their lightweight, during shipping. Companies save a lot of money as courier companies charge according to the weight of the package.

Paperboard for packaging helps in gaining more customers because of its effectiveness, cost-efficiency, sustainability, and broad scope of usage for all kind of products. You can make delicate window cut jewelry boxes to custom printed cardboard ammunition boxes in premium quality without worrying about spending a fortune.

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