Which Piece of Laboratory Supplies Should be Used?

Here is a list of some basic laboratory equipment and their suitable use. It is very essential to know the best possible use of the lab equipment in order to have a guaranteed safe laboratory operation.

  1. Balance – A balance is used for measuring the mass of different samples.
  2. Beaker-  It is usually used for containing, mixing and heating liquids.
  3. Beaker Tongs- They are typically used for picking up beakers.
  4. Bunsen Burner-  It is often used as a source of heat when there aren’t any flammable materials present.
  5. Buret-  A buret is utilized for dispensing an accurate volume of liquid.
  6. Clay Triangle- It helps in supporting a crucible while it’s being heated.
  7. Crucible- It is used for holding chemicals while heating it to very high temperatures.
  8. Crucible Tongs– They are used to hold crucibles.
  9. Erlenmeyer Flask– It is used to hold and mix chemicals. The small neck is to help with the mixing without letting it spill.
  10. Evaporating Dish– It is utilized for heating liquids for evaporation.
  11. Forceps– They are used for picking up and holding small objects.
  12. Funnel– It is used to transfer liquids or materials that are fine-grained, into containers with tiny openings. They are also used for filtration purposes.
  13. Graduated Cylinder– It is a measuring device that is used to measure the accurate volume of a liquid.
  14. Mortar and Pestle– It is used for grinding and crushing materials.
  15. Pipet Bulb– It is used for drawing liquids into a pipe.
  16. Ring Clamp– It is used with a ring stand for holding glassware, for example, a funnel or a beaker.
  17. Ring Stand– It is used for holding or clamping laboratory glassware and other such equipment in place so that it does not come apart or fall down.
  18. Scoopula– It is used for transferring solids.
  19. Striker– It is generally used to light a Bunsen burner.
  20. Stirring Rod– It is used for the purposes of stirring and mixing.
  21. Test Tube– It is used for holding and mixing liquids.
  22. Test Tube Clamp– It is used for holding a test tube, especially when it’s hot.
  23. Test Tube Rack– It is used for holding many test tubes at the same time.
  24. Thermometer (digital or alcohol)- It is used for measuring temperature in Celsius.
  25. Utility Clamp– It is used to fix glassware to a ring stand.
  26. Volumetric Flask– It is used for preparing solutions to a precise volume.
  27. Volumetric Pipet– It is used for measuring small amounts of liquid very precisely. Always use pipetting aids.
  28. Wash Bottle– It is used for rinsing parts of glassware and to add small amounts of water.
  29. Watch Glass– It is used for holding solids when they are weighed or for covering a beaker.
  30. Wire Gauze– It is used for supporting a container on a ring stand when it is heated. For example, a beaker.

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