What is different between Facebook Messenger Lite and other chat application?

Facebook Messenger is one of the most prevalent informing stages accessible today. In spite of its prevalence, not every person needs an application as amazing as Messenger, which is the reason Facebook customer service chose to dispatch a stripped-down rendition of it, called Messenger Lite.

An Intro to Messenger Lite

Dispatcher Lite is an Android application that incorporates just the center highlights of the standard Messenger application. You can without much of a stretch send content, photographs, connections, and stickers to anybody on Messenger or Messenger Lite. You can even video visit with companions — a component that was simply acquainted with Messenger Lite in March of 2018.

The standard Messenger application incorporates additional highlights like amusements, stories, expansions, computerized informing from brands and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Detachment Lite, then again, keeps everything concentrated on a certain something and one thing just — informing.

The outcome is a less difficult, less diverting informing application that doesn’t hoard as much extra room, take as much handling force, use as much information or require a too solid sign as Messenger does.

In the event that information use is a worry, there’s likewise a Facebook Lite application that makes a decent friend to Messenger Lite.

How Messenger Lite Works

Flag-bearer Lite works in all respects likewise to how the standard Messenger application functions, yet as opposed to seeing a few menu alternatives at the base of your screen (in addition to additional at the top), you’ll just observe three primary tabs that speak deeply highlights of Messenger. These are Home (the house symbol), Contacts (the two individuals symbol) and Account (the profile photograph symbol) situated at the highest point of your screen.

Two screen captures of the Messenger Lite application for Android.

When you tap a current discussion or begin another message, you’ll see practically the majority of indistinguishable catches in precisely the same spots from you’d see on the standard application. You can type your message in the content field, send photographs or documents, record a message to send, send a Like sticker, call a companion by telephone, begin a video talk, see a companion’s profile (which will open in Facebook Lite on the off chance that you have it), quiet them or square them.

Some minor difference Between Messenger Lite and the Standard Messenger App

Despite the fact that Messenger Lite incorporates the three primary center highlights of the standard application, you may think about whether there are any huge contrasts in how those center highlights work. Discover beneath how they may contrast somewhat from the standard application.


Your message inbox, which is situated on the Home tab, will seem less difficult than it does on the standard application. Rather than seeing different areas like who’s at present dynamic, your latest discussions and your Favorites, you’re indicated only a straightforward inbox of your latest discussions.


When you change to the Contacts tab on Messenger Lite, you’ll just observe a rundown of individuals who use either Messenger or Messenger Lite (in addition to a search field at the top to rapidly look for a particular companion). This is boundlessly less difficult contrasted with the standard application, which highlights choices to examine companions’ codes, welcome companions, see solicitations to associate, include companions by a telephone number, transfer your contacts or view the majority of your Facebook companions in sequential request.


The Profile tab shows a lot of slimmer offering of settings contrasted with the standard application. You have no code for companions to filter, no username to duplicate or alter, no Story settings or no Secret Conversations. In any case, what you can, in any case, do on Messenger Lite is design your warnings and sounds, match up your contacts from your gadget, see message demands, and switch between records.


You can basically do all that you can in a message on Messenger Lite as on the standard application with the exception of utilization different additional highlights and expansions like Location, Plans, Games, Spotify, Gfycat and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. When you tap the, in addition, to sign symbol in the base left of a message, you’ll just observe alternatives for sharing photographs or records. Photographs you get likewise won’t stack in full goals until you tap to see them.

Application SIZE

Size shifts by the gadget, however, Messenger Lite takes up around 90 percent less extra room than Messenger. For instance, Messenger Lite (variant tips the scales at 27.58MB on a Samsung Galaxy Tab some time Messenger (adaptation is an incredible 237MB. Memory use is likewise chopped somewhere around half or more when you use Messenger Lite rather than Messenger.

Information AND WI-FI

Without all the extra cumbersome highlights, Messenger Lite doesn’t need to buckle down, in this way sparing you valuable information on your portable information plan (in addition to battery life if that wasn’t already enough). What’s more, much the same as Facebook support number Messenger Lite has been intended to keep running on 2G systems and work productively even in territories with shaky or moderate web associations.

What Is Messenger Lite Best Used For?

Detachment Lite can be utilized on any good Android gadget, however, you’ll see that it truly sparkles in specific circumstances and for explicit kinds of gadgets. Delivery person, Lite is best utilized for:

  1. Cleaning up all pointless Messenger highlights to utilize it just for informing and video calls
  2. More seasoned or less expensive Android gadgets with constrained preparing power
  3. Gadgets with restricted versatile information plans
  4. Associations with flimsy or low-speed systems, (for example, in provincial zones)

On the off chance that your gadget is genuinely new and has a respectable extra room, it can almost certainly deal with the power and size of the standard application. Similarly, if its all the same to you the additional highlights that Messenger offers and really lean toward utilizing them, you should need to stay with it since Messenger Lite gets rid of the majority of them aside from fundamental informing and video calling.

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