What Include What Not – 10 Days Umrah Luxury Package

Being the leading travel agency in the UK, Travel for Umrah feels its responsibility to endeavor our customers’ finest Umrah packages and best affordable deals. We love to create new Umrah packages that can easily fit in every pilgrim’s pocket but we also feel responsible for our VIP clients. For them, Travel for Umrah proudly introduces our luxury Umrah packages comprising 5 Star amenities and topnotch services. Our 5 Star luxury Umrah package is your perfect travel partner. This stunning package is designed specially to provide world-class services to holy guests so they can enjoy their sacred journey lavishly, with more ease and comfort. 5 Star luxury Umrah package by UK’s leading name is undoubtedly the finest Umrah package available in town.

Umrah Luxury Package

Luxury Umrah package features all the necessary services and facilities you need during your sacred spree along with some additional luxury to make your voyage extravagance.5 Star Umrah package offers total of 10 days stay on holy land, first you’ll stay 5 days in Makkah to perform the major rituals of minor-pilgrimage and then you’re remaining 5 days will be in Prophet’s city, Madinah. Travel for Umrah is UK based company and for the pilgrims of the country’s biggest city ‘London’, we have a VIP Umrah package from London that you can opt for the comfiest Umrah experience.

 The stunning package is packed in the panes of luxury with the enfolding of royalty because of the top notched services and amenities we bestow to our customers in this package.

Accommodation: A total of 10 days’ stay is divided into equal halves, pilgrims will spend the first five days in the holy city of Makkah and after completing all Umrah rituals they move towards the Prophet’s city and spend remaining five days there. For your comfy stay and convenience Travel for Umrah chose nearest hotels to stay so pilgrims don’t have to walk much. Topnotch hotels with we are associated are located on the footsteps of Haram Sharif and Masjid e Nabwi. Once you reach the holy land, one of our agents will receive you and take you to your hotel. In Makkah you’re staying will be arranged in Swissotel hotel, a very famous hotel in the city located at King Abdul Aziz Endowment Abraj Al Bait Complex in Om Al Qura Street. The notorious hotel is just 100m away from Makkah Clock Tower. Guests can enjoy angelic view of Kabah and Grand Mosque from the hotel’s room. The luxurious hotel has loads of rooms on various floors. All rooms are adorned with beautifully printed carpets gives a modern yet elegant look to the rooms. Other amenities include a flat-screen TV, marble bathrooms, minibar, 24-hour room service, safety deposit box, and front desk service. A well-trained staff can speak multiple languages that help guests to convey their message.

Stay in Makkah is so luxurious so how it’s possible that we not provide the same level of lavishness in Madinah. when you’re in Prophet’s city, you’ll stay at preeminent Shaza Al Madinah. Shaza Al Madinah is the biggest name in hotels, located in close proximity opposite to the Masjid e Nabwi. It is also on the doorsteps of Prophet’s house. Guests of the hotel can get a beatific view all the time from their room window. The entire interior of Shaza Al Madinah is very eye-pleasing. Rooms are decorated elegantly and filled with mood lighting and Egyptian lanterns designed particularly for hotel décor. You’ll see Soraya Sanders’s work of creativity on walls, a well-known artist for traditional Arabic designs. Every room provides free Wifi, minibar, laundry service, and flat-screen TV, room services, and ensuite bathrooms. Other hotel services include mouthwatering food and it also has facilities for disabled guests.

Facilities offered in 5 Star luxury Umrah package

5 Star 10 nights umrah package is an ideal package that suits most of the clients, endeavoring all the comforts that pilgrims require during holy journey. travel for Umrah and its zealous team knows how to take care of holy guests, in order to provide you with best we cater all your matters from the first contact till your return. At every step, we provide guidance and help you with any facing matter. You might perform the sacred ritual for the first time and be new in an unfamiliar place is quite tough. Travel for Umrah has admirable relationship with local transporters. This excellent business relation allows us to arrange air-conditioned finest buses to travel around the city.

If the complicated visa process makes you hesitate or you don’t know how to book flights with top airlines then the best option you’ve is to rely on a trusted company like us. We acquire your visa after completing the paperwork, book flights with leading airlines, get tickets and after confirming everything handover with your documents. And the best thing is, all these services are included in our 5 Star luxury Umrah package. Both in Makkah and Madinah there are plenty of famous historical landmarks and it is the utmost desire of every pilgrim to pay a visit to these places. This is not a part of the ritual of Umrah but we love to do so because of the affiliation with our beloved Prophet PBUH and his companions. If you want to pay a visit to holy places, Travel for Umrah will make special arrangements for you, as they are not part of Umrah so you’ve to pay some additional charges.

Our 5 Star VIP Umrah package is full of great services and amenities but in exchange, we just demand an affordable amount of money. You can get this amazing package at a price of 890 pounds. If you’re concerned about anything else, don’t hesitate to contact us. We provide you every possible detail you want.

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