What Gifts I get for my Wife on our 5th Wedding Anniversary?


The relationship between husband and wife is very interesting indeed. Both of them tend to share the sweetest bond on this earth. The best about the bonding is that each other’s expect a lot from a relationship, which makes the relationship stronger. Indeed, whichever relationship you talk about the relationship between husband and wife is the truest. Well you also started the journey like all other and have completed 5 years journey elegantly so this year you are going to celebrate the anniversary but for that, you need the right gift as well. Thus after a lot of thought and search, you came across the wedding anniversary gifts mentioned below.

Watch box:

All throughout these 5 years you have seen that your wife loves to collect watches of different shapes and sizes. So this year on the fifth anniversary you thought to present your wife a high-quality watch box. The best about the watch box is that it does look ordinary, but exhibits a royal look. That means it is made of solid wood with minute handi craftwork on the top of the box. Inside the box, there are few compartments all aligned in a particular direction one after the other. That shows the place where you can tuck in your watch. However, you thought that it would be a better idea to customize the same that is why you got the words engraved on the wooden watch box saying happy anniversary. Thus you can imagine the happiness that your wife is going to have on getting the gift from you.


Next week you are going to celebrate the fifth anniversary of your 5 years of togetherness. She is an adorable wife so far and she has always stood by you in hours of need. That is why somehow it is your call to give her the right gift that will impress her heart instantly. In the meantime, you invested time and money to get a worthy pendant for your lovely wife. The twist of the pendant is that it is a gemstone pendant and that you personally selected considering the year of your anniversary. That means as it is the fifth year anniversary so you chose the unique blue sapphire. The beauty of the pendant is that it is made of high-quality silver which has a dazzling sheen of its own. On top of that the length of the chain which is 16 inches made of platinum. Thus, it is worth saying that this anniversary of yours is going to be a grand celebration indeed.

Red stone cuff:

The fifth anniversary calls for a big celebration that is why you thought to present your wife with a new kind of gift. And for that, you selected a bracelet cuff for your lovely wife with a red stone embossed in the middle of the cuff bracelet. You know that she has likeliness for the garnet so you made sure that the cuff should have a red color garnet in the middle with white stones embossed on the entire bracelet. But you thought that it would be a superb idea to add a new thing to the bracelet that is why you got her name engraved on side of the bracelet cuff. Definitely your wife will look so sterling in this exquisite accessory and definitely this will make her look so superb in any of the outfits she chose to wear for her big day.

Chocolate cake with red roses:

Anniversary somehow makes you relate with chocolates and flowers. Therefore as a loving husband, you thought that it would be a brilliant idea to make such an addition to your wife’s life on this fifth year anniversary. In that context, you thought to bring a chocolate cake and a bouquet of red color roses. How incredible the dining table will look when you decorate the table with these and candles lightened all around. And mild music blowing softly uttering the romantic lines from her favorite number. Indeed it is a truly romantic ambiance and all set to bring immense love in her life. Besides these, it is important to mention that the chocolate cake you brought has her name on it and it is purely handmade. In addition to that, the bouquet of 15 red roses with white pompoms and green fillers wrapped in a yellow satin cloth gives a fresh start to your love life from this day onwards. 

Customized mini lamp:

As a wife you are quite thoughtful about your husband so does your husband also invested hours in searching the right gift for you on this fifth anniversary. To make her the happiest you brought a customized lamp for her which has the picture of her digitally imprinted on the other side of the lamp. The best about the lamp is that it is a rotating lamp.

Thus, these are the best anniversary online gifts for wife that you can bring for her on the fifth anniversary.

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