Velvet Dress – The Biggest Trend

In Pakistan, velvet dresses are not widely used and purchased fabric as compared to other fabrics like lawn, cotton, and chiffon. Pakistan weather is usually hot so people can not wear exactly the full velvet dresses but in winter season they love to use velvet outfits. When the winter season is in full swing, it is a perfect time to wear velvet outfits. This should be in your wardrobe. It gives a luxurious look and the texture of the velvet outfit is soft.

Velvet is the biggest trend in winter. Many ladies usually wear velvet dress but many of those wear lightweight Pakistani dresses like lawn or cotton. This looks amazing and gives a very beautiful sound. It can be worn on special events to look amazing and unique from others. Ladies choose the best shawl by going shop to shop to buy well designed embroidered shawls for them. They produce the design of the latest and trendy shawl which is in demand.

Following are some of the amazing brands of Pakistan which are working on different fabrics but they are not making velvet outfits right now.


The brand Zunuj was founded in 1998 by two women Uzma Mirza and Seema Sherazee. It is growing very fast. They have experienced in making furniture and interior designing. They do not comprise on the quality of the product so that is why its showroom is not only in Pakistan but also in UAE. They started working on women’s clothes from the small workshop in the year 2003 with a team of 4 members only but now it becomes the biggest brand in Pakistan. They produce the latest lawn dresses and all the luxury collections at a reasonable price.

Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari, one of the dominating brand in the fashion industry of Pakistan due to the good quality designs and color combinations they use. He is the best designer in Pakistan and working in the fashion industry for a decade. In the year 2006, he introduced prêt line, DNA and they are also working on many fabrics like they produce best lawn dresses, Chiffon dresses, and all the latest bridal collection. Its eye-catching collections are available in stores not only in Pakistan but also in other countries including the Middle East, Canada, the UK, the USA, and Singapore.


Kashee’s is known for his beauty Parlor and artistic designing capabilities in Pakistan. They are working very smartly and manages both things simultaneously. Kashif Aslam manages all the things in a salon. It is an amazing salon where you will get all the services of skin, nail, and hair, etc. Brides dream to go to this Parlor and make her day memorable by looking perfect and gorgeous. Kashee’s brand also working Pakistani dresses and they are getting popular day by day.

Tips To Wear Velvet Outfits

Velvet outfit always looks elegant and amazing but sometimes it looks cheap and bad. You should keep in mind that whatever the occasion is when you wear a velvet dress and you should know how to velvet dress in the right way. Velvet fashion is mostly seen in the evening time, not in day time but it looks so beautiful whether it is a day or night. If you do not have enough knowledge of wearing a velvet dress so you do not have to worry about that. Here are some of the basic guidelines you must follow.

Stick To The Deeper Shades

You should stick to the deeper shades because they are amazing shades to wear. The black color is also one of the go-to shade. You should wear shades like blue, green, bold red color

Use Smooth Velvet

You must wear a smooth velvet. Expensive designs may also look cheap sometimes if velvet is crinkled so always try to use smooth velvet that looks beautiful. This is easy to differentiate velvet designs. Right velvet fabric will always look amazing and you will realize how versatile this smooth fabric can be.

You will realize that velvet is the thing you were missing from your wardrobe. When wear a velvet dress so also grab a beautiful clutch. You can also add something like jewelry, scarf or you may add something special with your dress to look more dashing.

Fashion is the name of a big umbrella where all the outfits lie in it with different fabric. People wear clothes according to the season and according to the choice. Velvet fabric is a fabric you should wear in party dresses. You noticed that the Pakistani women fond of wearing velvet dresses in winter seasons. In Pakistan, there is usually hot weather that is why people wait for the winter season in which they can wear velvet outfits of their choice.

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