The Ultimate Guide to Picking the Best Travel Credit Card (2019)

There are several credit cards available in the market to choose from. But if you are specifically searching for a card that provides the best travel rewards than you need to be well aware of many things.

We all are well aware of the difficult phase of navigating through all the sign-up bonuses, loyalty programs, offers, hidden fees, perks that tag along with the credit cards. The utterly complex process becomes so much of a bother for people that people usually decide to give up the use of credit cards and end up using a debit card.

But that is even more terrible, as you give up on all the perks that come with spending from your credit cards from shopping that you will do with a debit card that doesn’t offer any benefit. So, as promised, here is the ultimate guide to help you pick the best credit card for travel. 

The need to “know”

There are a lot of options to choose from while looking for a travel credit card. While making a choice start by asking yourself, “what do I need “?

Credit cards extend a wide range of perks and offer such as free flights, free dinner in some restaurants, and also bonuses if you are a loyal customer. Different people have different needs that are most likely wanting to achieve with a travel credit card. Some want to use it to get rewards, while others want to stick with their loyalty towards the brand.

After you understand your needs, make a goal, and choose a card accordingly. Chalk out a strategy that will help you earn more points and rewards.

Things to keep an eye on while choosing a travel credit card

A huge sign-up bonus

Big sign-up bonuses are boasters that you get with time, bringing you much closer to reach your goals like a free flight or hotel stay. Choose wisely and look for a travel credit card that offers a huge sign-up bonus.

Also, it is notable that to achieve huge bonuses, you have to cross the ‘spend-threshold’ needed to be fulfilled in a specific period. You can either reach a spending threshold with a single purchase or by using a card for daily expenditure.

Added category spending bonus

With some credit cards, you can earn extra points, such as by purchasing from a particular brand or specific retailer. Being brand loyal can help you earn more than one point on each dollar you spend. Some credit card offers up to 6 points per dollar spent.

Low spending minimum

For getting bonuses and rewards, you have to fulfill a particular spending criterion, use your credit card for your day-to-day expenditure to reach your spending threshold faster. Start small and stick with it, avoid mistakes of spending more than what you can afford.

Using many credit cards is tricky as you might have to spend about even more than thousands in a short period to achieve a bonus. Only spend on things you need, instead of making unnecessary purchases to meet your spent quota to earn bonus and reward points.

Win special benefits

The different credit card offers various benefits to attract customers, they even provide you elite loyalty status. All you need to do is choose a card that offers benefits that align with your goals and needs. Look for a card that offers a perk by which you can make life easier.

Easy Tip: Choose travel credit cards offering benefits like foreign transaction fees, free checked baggage, priority boarding, free nights, and much more.

Low annual fees

Annual fees of credit card are another factor, check in with your traveling credit card. If you tend to fly and travel more than it is better to go for a card with Fee. The fee-based card offers more rewards schemes with which you can enjoy better access to services and enjoy special offers. Using a fee-based card, you earn more points faster.

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