The Temples of Khajuraho, the Sacred Eroticism of Indian Culture

The set of Khajuraho temples, built in the period of greatest splendor of the Chandela dynasty (950-1050), forgotten and buried in the jungle for centuries, They were happily rediscovered by Captain T. S Burt in 1838, whose Puritan Victorian soul probably shuddered in horror at the discovery of temples! Sculptures with scenes of what we would call “explicit sex” today. Actually, it was another example of the sacred character that classical Indian culture gave to sex. Duality becoming one, pure mysticism.

Now, although the voluptuous nature of these exterior sculptures has become a magnet to attract mass tourism to this place, that is not the only value of the archaeological complex. When we talk about Khajuraho, we are talking about one of the medieval peaks of the architectural and sculptural forms of the Indian subcontinent. And Kandariya Temple is undoubtedly a masterpiece of world art.

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Khajuraho – Visiting Guide

The temples of Khajuraho – Erotic sculptures of the great temple of Lakshmana

Erotic sculptures of the great temple of Lakshmana; By Jean-Pierre Dalbera (Flickr: Lakshmana’s Temple (Khajuraho)).

The archaeological complex consists of three groups of temples of Khajuraho (south, east and west) that occupy an area of ​​about 6 square kilometers. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986 and stands out for the perfect balance achieved between architectural and sculptural forms.

The western group is home to the largest number of temples, including Kandariya, whose main tower rises 30 meters high.

The best known and best-preserved of the western group is the great temple of Lakshmana, which took 20 years to build and was completed around the year 954 AD. C. during the reign of Dhanga. On the south side of its base are some of the most famous erotic sculptures of Khajuraho. The temple is dedicated to Vishnu.

Although originally they were more than eighty, today twenty are magnificently preserved, belonging to both Hinduism and Jainism.

The sculptural decoration of these temples, of an enormous artistic quality, gives life to scenes that collect without prejudice activities of the life of the time, from the most sacred to the most prosaic: military stops and religious processions, gods and epic heroes, men performing daily activities, hunts, dancers, ascetics, celestial nymphs, real and mythological animals … and yes, also love scenes.

In short, the temples of Khajuraho constitute a harmonious song to life, to the joys and pleasures of the senses and love and whose visit will hardly leave the sagacious traveler indifferent.

Temples of Khajuraho – Travel Recommendations.

  • Where is: Khajuraho is a small town located 600 km south of Delhi, in the state of Madya Pradesh, in central India.
  • How to get: Khajuraho is connected by air with Delhi and Agra. A railway line also links it with Delhi through Jhansi.
  • When to go: Although the place receives visits all year round, from October to March the best weather conditions in the area are enjoyed
  • Where to stay: The international chains Ramada and Radisson run establishments in the city.

The temples of Khajuraho – Khajuraho Dance Festival Cultural offer.

The Khajuraho Dance Festival is a one-week festival of classical dances held annually, from February 20 to 26. Nightly dance performances against the spectacular backdrop of the superbly illuminated temples of the Western Group fill Khajuraho with visitors. The festival features dance performances by world-famous artists. Admission is free. It also includes traditional exhibitions of handicrafts and fine arts and a large amusement park.

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