TED Talk-5 Motivational Speeches for Students

Are you anxious about your grades? Is your academic burden stealing rays of hope? Relax! It’s a part of every student’s life, no need to panic. Life is like a roller coaster; it takes you high and eventually puts you down, in the very next moment. All you need to do is- manage to maintain a balance in each situation.

Have you ever thought of motivating yourself? Well, apart from hangouts with friends and being in a gaming zone. There is one more thing with which you can refresh your stressing thoughts and it doesn’t even demand extra energy. Guess what it is? Words! Yes, sometimes words are enough to motivate and empower.  

Students these days are living under the immense academic pressure and for this reason; the majority of the students are unable to process their thoughts effectively. The apparent reports have found that even due to this learners are seeking complete support from different essay writing services in UK, instead of scoring grades on their own.

Let’s be honest, tell me how many times did you cheat yourself by taking paid assistance? There are plenty of students who are paying heavy for assignments like essay writing, thesis writing, and a capstone project. However, the main academic purpose is to make students learn from such tasks. But, the de-motivated souls are more concerned about grades rather than learning.

To boost your self-motivation, get your eyes on following TED talks. 

#1 Creativity is a process, not a box of thoughts- Elizabeth Gilbert 

Just like you, someone also suffered from academic troubles. Back in time, there was a person who took a twisted ride in the puzzling tunnel of creativity. In our entire student life, we always get instructed to think out of the box, be creative! While no one ever told what is the actual definition of creativity is. Sounds relatable? Well, each student can relate to this scenario.

Elizabeth Gilbert, in her TED, uttered immensely inspirational words. In the proportion to the opinions of motivational speaker, that since ages we are treating the term creativity as a skill or the attribute of the personality. But, have any of you ever thought to spin the perspective and to evaluate it from different angles?

Why can’t we treat it as a thing or a process? To support the objections, Gilbert further debated that one should never restrict creativity with the bundle of thoughts. It could be any action or maybe the reaction to anything which can portray creativity like a person. This unique thing can even be portrayed by the way people approach their mistakes and fix them.

#2 Success is a reflection of infinity- Neil Pasricha

Let’s share a mutual aim. We all want to take successful steps of stability. Isn’t that’s true? And the most amazing fact is the thing which enthusiast our pulses is the same thing which traps us in serious anxiety. Although being a student each person acquires different goals but the mutual thing is- we all want to become the most successful person in our relative fields.

Brilliant and inspirational speaker Neil Pasricha beautifully patterned the definition of success. At first, the speaker turned the smiley curves into speechless expressions by giving a reflection of his life. Neil Pasricha opened up the darkest side of life which eventually made people sad.

But, do you know what amazes the audience? When Pasricha spoke about the ways with which he dealt the situations. The speaker shared how he always celebrates little victories like not witnessing a long queue at the grocery store, getting a hands-on wedding buffet, etc.

 In a nutshell, Pasricha taught us that success is not associated with luxuries of life; it’s about being happy and satisfied. The thing which makes you go happy and provides you a self-satisfaction that is what success is.

#3 Winning is not about completing 100 levels- Sarah Lewis 

We live in a world where victory is associated with 100% achievement. We all compete with each other. If one is scoring 99% then we strive to score more than that. Why? Who told you that winning is about scoring 100%? We need to stop being too competitive. For each, the meaning of victory varies. Circumstances treat every individual differently, maybe reaching level 1 was the easiest thing for you but, for someone, it could be a matter of life. 

Similarly, Sarah Lewis took her fans into down memory lane. She told that in her first job, where she was playing the role of art historian at the museum, found that not all pieces of artwork were remarkable. Yes! You heard right. Isn’t it’s funny how we admire the displayed work though it’s not even meeting the digits-1 and two zeros. 

Furthermore, Lewis uttered that we only find them awesome because we look at them with a positive vision. Hence, the way we look and perceive things, it appears exactly as it is. If we evaluate our self at the top, even at being at the mid-level then no power on earth can make us feel down. 

#4 Keep your feet on forwarding mode- J.K Rowling 

Can you relate with the situation where you gave your best to write an assignment ace but ended up getting poor grades? Sounds disappointing? Well, it could be disappointing for anyone of us. Do you know what is more disappointing? Not trying again.

J.K Rowling, the famous novelist just gave goosebumps to her fans by sharing her struggling story of success. When Rowling revealed that behind this reputed image of success there are infinite attempts, people couldn’t stop being teary. As we know that things are not as same as they look similar, Rowling is a person who faced hundreds of rejections on the same book which people are going crazy for.

The life story of Rowling gives us the lesson that no matter how many times life put you down, one always assure to stand up with all confidence and audacity.

#5 How great leaders inspire actions- Simon Sinek

 Simon described inspiration as the power of self-assumption. At first, this made people surprised and confused. Then Sinek further broke the hidden meanings into contextual words. The speaker associated his model of inspiration with the actions of leaders.

Simon Sinek patterned different parts of the brain which the future leaders need to consider, in action to influence the followers. Sinek told how different parts work in a different mechanism. The motivational speaker suggested his fans to always start with ‘why. If you are successful to get the answer to your why then you can easily mold the thoughts of others and can influence them with your actions. Because when your perspectives are clear then you can easily make others believe.

This concept of Sinek was highly appreciated in the UK. Majority of the people practice on his suggestion because according to them, it patterns the scientific relation of perceptions and brain.

Did you enjoy the glimpse of motivation? Felt motivated? If yes, then watch the videos now and absorb the essence of encouragement with the remarkable words of inspiring motivational speakers.

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