Steps to Hire A Drug Crime Lawyer

When you are under the grip of an arrest on charges of carrying or selling narcotics, the first thing that strikes you is to hire a drug crime lawyers in Cobb County. If it is the first time you have been charged with possessing narcotics, or if you do not want to use the services of a lawyer you have hired previously, you have to make a fresh start. If you cannot afford to hire a lawyer, the judge may ask relevant questions and appoint a public defender to represent your case.

Finding a relevant lawyer

There are various ways you can hire a criminal defense lawyer such as through the referrals you receive from friends and family or the people with whom you work. Try to find out their perceptions about the attorney or whether they would hire the same professional again.

Preparation to meet the drug crime defense attorney

Before you move out for the first consultation with the drug crime attorney, you have to consider the qualities you expect to be in the individual. Read the following.

  • Try to find out the experience of the attorney in handling the same kind of drug charges. If a lawyer has handled several such cases, you can rely on them for a successful outcome.
  • The legal professional you appoint must follow a proper strategy for handling every case of drug handling and check their track record to note the favorable results.
  • You must get good advice from the professional and they must be capable of offering sound judgment.
  • The fees of the lawyer must be reasonable.

If you want a favorable outcome after the first meeting you hold with the law practitioner, the following are a few documents you need.

  • The paperwork you have from the court including all the charges and your court appearance.
  • The paper of bail and the police report.
  • Any other documents you have received from the police.

Checking drug possession attorney background

When you meet the lawyer for the first time, you must find out whether the professional has prior experience of handling such cases. If you are facing drug charges, you must find out the following.

  • How long has the lawyer been practicing criminal law?
  • Does the lawyer negotiate the plea agreements regularly, and if so what is the relationship with the office of the prosecutors?
  • How often do the clients faced with drug charges need to go for trial and end up getting convicted?
  • How familiar is the lawyer with the charges you are facing and how many of such cases has the lawyer handled?
  • Does the legal professional belong to a professional organization or bar association?

Whether you are facing drug charges under the federal law or otherwise, the attorney can ask you to fill a questionnaire and it is better to send the filled form to the lawyer much ahead of the meeting. Apart from this, the law practitioner can collect more evidence if you can provide a list of all the other people associated with the case. In addition to this, the legal professional also needs to find out whether any of the other professionals from the same firm have represented those people who are involved with your case. Often conflicts of interest may arise in such cases and under those circumstances, you have to find someone else to represent your case.

Meeting with the attorneys

When meeting a drug crime attorney for the first time, you can allow the law practitioner to proceed with the questionnaire. It is only likely that you may have to answer a few questions before going ahead with the legal representation. Some of the questions you may face are:

  • What is the exact occurrence?
  • What are the allegations of the police against you?
  • What is the evidence that has built up against you?
  • Is it a case of felony or misdemeanor?

You must have a proper attitude while dealing with the attorney and usually, they are bound by strict confidentiality laws to disclose anything during the first meeting. However, you will have your turn too for asking the questions as it becomes essential to know the experience of the law professional in handling charges for possessing or carrying drugs. Furthermore, you have to ask about the legal fees and court fees to be paid, so that you know how much the services of the lawyers are going to cost you. Hire a lawyer only when you are convinced with their judgment and advice.

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