Probiotic Supplements – Understanding them in a Better Way

The probiotics or probiotic supplements are getting highly popular these days. Doctors, nutritionists and dieticians – all refer them. You can find them online as well as offline. Many paediatricians prescribe probiotics for treating generic ailments and boosting immunity in kids. Find all about the probiotics in the following post and include them in your diet. You can also consult the doctors if you wish to know more about the dosage and indications.

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So, here we go!

Probiotics – Understanding them in a better manner:

Probiotic Supplements are nothing, but live bacteria and types of yeast that are good for the human body. These bacteria are also gut-friendly and are excellent for the digestive system. They are the germs that maintain the count of healthy bacteria inside our bodies and boost immunity naturally. So, probiotics are also termed as ‘good’ bacteria. Curd and Yogurt are the natural probiotics that have healthy bacteria. This is why many doctors prescribe ampules of probiotics for digestive troubles and gut-related issues. The most common example is Lactobacillus, which is prescribed in diarrhoea and lose motions. It is more effective and better than the ORS and can be given to children as well.

Working of the Probiotics:

To understand the working of probiotics, you have to realize that our body has good bacteria that aid in various processes. These bacteria are also responsible for the digestion of many food products. They die as well as regenerate on a daily basis. Now, if in some condition, these bacteria reduce in number, the body becomes susceptible to diseases and attacks caused by other microorganisms. Thus, to restore the balance, probiotics are prescribed by the doctors. They keep the count of healthy or good bacteria optimal and keep the infections at bay.

It is a simple description of the way probiotics work. You might have seen the TV commercials of Yakult. The product is also a probiotic, which is excellent for gut health and immunity. It is safe for children of all ages and pregnant women. So, if you were debilitated about it, you can start consuming it now. The Medlife offers on medicines will make sure that the expenses remain in your budget at all times.

Some of the most common diseases in which probiotics are used and are effective are:

  1. Irritable bowel syndrome
  2. Urinary and vaginal health
  3. Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
  4. Oral health
  5. Skin conditions, like eczema
  6. Infectious diarrhoea (caused by parasites, viruses & bacteria)
  7. Preventing allergies and cold
  8. Diarrhoea caused by antibiotics

Probiotics and Brain Health:

The research has shown that gut health and brain health are connected strongly. The colon bacteria digest fibre and ferment it into gut-nourishing short-chain fatty acids. These fatty acids are also responsible for brain health. The probiotics are helpful in treating symptoms of depression, anxiety, poor memory and obsessive-compulsive disorders. They are also useful in treating the symptoms of autism.

Some of the most commonly used probiotics in brain diseases are in these studies were Bifidobacterium Longum, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus and Bifidobacterium Infantis. Many research journals cite that cancer patients on probiotics showed decreased anxiety and stress levels prior to surgical procedures. The probiotics are also effective against chronic fatigue syndrome.

Probiotics and Heart Health

Probiotics are also responsible for heart health and tackling the symptoms of major heart issues. They effectively lower the risks associated with heart diseases and the disease itself. The curd bacteria can effectively lead to changes in heart health markers. The Probiotics also lower cholesterol levels. They lead to a reduction in LDL or Low-Density Lipids. So, if you have a heart patient in your family who finds diet control problematic, you can start probiotics for him or her. We recommend expert consultation before starting them.

So, all in all, probiotics are an excellent health supplement for general health and big issues. Though you can find them online easily, we suggest consulting the physicians before taking them. You must ask them for the brands, dosage and other relevant instructions. It will make sure that you get the best value out of every rupee you invest and get the best dosage.

Instead of relying on the lab-manufactured supplements, you should opt for the probiotics. They are natural; organic, and the best boosters of your immunity system. Don’t forget to use the Medlife offers on medicines for enjoying attractive offers and savings.

Stay Healthy; Stay Happy!

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