How to Unpublish a Facebook page or remove a Facebook Page

Unpublish a Facebook page

Facebook – a well-liked social media like Twitter provides the chance to its users to possess a Facebook fan page.Many people surely familiar to create a page on Facebook. (if not simply attempt it’s easier), but there’s a chance that you have created a page and you want to remove it from Facebook. Then want to help throughout creating Facebook ads now then contact Facebook customer service toll-free number.

If you’re tired of managing your Facebook page, you’ll follow this tutorial to pull it down from the public or even delete it for good.

1. Log into your Facebook account first.

2. Choose the page that you want to delete from the left sidebar.

3. Click the Edit Page button at the top right of the page.

4. once you are within the Edit page, find the Manage Permissions section on the left facet of the page.

5. If you want to unpublish the page, check the box next to the Unpublish page (only admins can see this page) option.

6. If you wish to delete the page, scroll all the way down to very cheap of the page and click on on the for good delete (Page name) link.

7. A new window will pop up which asks you if you are sure to delete the page. Then now click Delete.

New features of facebook application

About Facebook

Facebook is an international social network in the whole world. these days is the most popular social media on Facebook, which is used millions of individuals daily bases for any purpose. These offer the many latest options in social media it’s a very quick and growing platform in social networks.

These are the simplest latest features such as image updates or share posts, videos and chatting, etc. It is the property of additional individuals with each other.

It changes and grows frequently to switch to its user’s desire and global technological development. To get more information from Facebook, you can contact our Facebook customer service phone numbers at any time. As you know, new features are coming on Facebook. And do not let your user have any type of problem.

Here are the latest features provides about Facebook….

Content sharing

Another feature that is currently being tested and has already started popping up on some users. These sets don’t have anything to do with the number of sit-ups you need to complete during a workout. ‘Sets’ is largely a filtering tool that allows you to group status updates, photos and videos as a group of publications with a general theme so share them with a specific group of friends.

Subscribe to your favorite newspaper

Facebook’s large news to give its app users access to articles. Users are accessible through the latest news users will be able to scan 10 free posting articles from anywhere hometown. after a user scans their assigned ten, the app can supply users to buy a subscription through the publisher’s web site. it had been recently spread of fake news on its platform. Then stop this news to be exposed.

Messenger Platform

Facebook proclaimed new Facebook options. it’s been opened traveler Platform bots to all businesses and virtual assistants. traveler bots can give simple businesses the chance to connect with customers in new and distinctive ways with services for communications to e-commerce purchases.

Check your sources

Sometimes fake news spreads in social media so useful to the most popular news growing downside for social networks. a while subject to comment in recent months for permitting the spread of false stories. once seeing the articles shared in your News Feed, you’ll be able to use the new “Article Context” button. Then click on the button that has the letter ‘i’ on it can open a small tab with additional data regarding the article.

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