Eye on Ireland: 3 Modern Architecture in Dublin That Will Surely Take Your Heart Away!

Ireland is full of sights that will make your eyes sparkle and sigh with the relief of the beauty that it contains. There is always something to be grateful for when you come to this place as you travel and tour the world from this side of it.

Dublin, the capital of Ireland, must never be out of your bucket list when you go to this island in the North Atlantic. Countless enjoyable things, lovely tourist spots, delectable foods, and awesome experiences await!

One of the aspects that will not let you get over Dublin is its noteworthy architecture! Every country in the globe has unique styles to offer, and Dublin never wants to be at the bottom of the list. If the toughest buildings of the old times are still surprising locals and most especially tourists today, modern architecture is also the same, but of course, fresh perspectives arise; that’s what makes it more interesting.

When you travel to Dublin, make sure to drop by and witness its modern buildings. Here is a list of 3 of them that will surely astonish you!

1 – Convention Centre Dublin

When you come to Dublin, it is impossible that locals, tour guides and even cab drivers will not mention The Convention Centre Dublin as one of the best places to see and visit! It is very well-known and sought-after. It arouses curiosity just by the sight of its building!

Located in the Dublin Docklands, The Convention Centre Dublin is has a big contribution to why Ireland continues to be globally successful being an ideal site for international events. It was built and instituted to serve as a phenomenal and distinguished conference venue in Dublin.

The planning to establish this as the National Convention Centre actually began in 1995 but was not fully efficient and concentrated on successfully. After concrete plans and decisions were made, construction work started in 1998. The complete accomplishment was in 2010, the same year the Convention Centre Dublin’s doors were opened to the people.

It is a landmark building that towers over the Spencer Dock and River Liffey. People love coming to this area, and events being held here are so loved since there are so many views to be eyed from within and within! What’s more lovable about it is that it’s within walking distance from several restaurants, centerpieces, and hotels in Dublin. That’s surely a big boon to travelers who want to take a nice walk in the city.

Holding its notable modern architecture, the Convention Centre Dublin building is recognizable for its glass frontispiece and plentiful curved walls. You will be even more magnetized and excited to enter after finding out that this building comes with, an auditorium that can handle 2, 000 people and 22 meeting rooms that can house 8,000 people. It’s exhibition and banqueting area is unbelievably awesome with a square meter of 4,500.

Some tourists say that cab drivers have told them that the Convention Centre Dublin building is solely Irish in style and inspiration because the exact 30-degree tilt was said to mimic how pouring a glass of Guinness must be tilted the right way and angle. Interesting and amazing, right?!

The fascination does not end there because the Convention Centre Dublin’s modern style fulfills the highest guidelines and specifications of environmental sustainability. Being the first carbon-neutral convention center in the entire globe, it definitely gets its own spotlight over it!

Hearing its nickname “The Tube in the Cube“, you wouldn’t expect it would be that impressive to look at just by hearing it. When it’s lit at night, the beauty of this building shows even more as the glass facade is outlined. It’s just right to applaud the creators of this famous building and its designer, Kevin Roche, one of Ireland’s internationally renowned architects!

2 – Bord Gáis Energy Theatre

Enclosing art within art, Bord Gáis Energy Theatre is breathtaking from outside and within! It is a performing arts venue that opened its curtains in 2010. The glass frontage is stunningly gorgeous! Looks like having glass curtains tilted back in diagonal folds, Bord Gáis Energy Theatre will make you want to stare at it for hours before you enter!

Originally called the Grand Canal Theatre, it is considered as the biggest theatre in the whole of Ireland with a seating capacity of 2,111. No doubt it has become host to countless world-class events, performances, concerts, musicals and more!

Bord Gáis Energy Theatre also takes pride in the fact that there’s no other Irish theatre that can host paramount London West-End shows. Some of those shows are The Lion King in 2013, Miss Saigon in 2017 and Les Misérables from 2018 to 2019. Take note, the popular Swan Lake heralded its opening!

With its Piranesian interior of diagonal pilotes and horizontal ramps, you will never get enough of looking at this theatre! You will notice how the design might seem complex, but awe-inspiring, right? The use of zig-zag actually has something to do with sound direction relating to the splendor of the sounds plus the vastness of the theatre.

Big thanks to the Polish-American architect Daniel Libeskind who put his heart into designing Bord Gáis Energy Theatre with its modern angular styles. Even more striking, when the sun goes down, the theatre’s front and plaza get lit. you get that magical feeling there and then!

The Bord Gáis Energy Theatre wants to create a powerfully felt cultural presence within its occurring commercial and residential vicinities. It wants to give off that visual icon reflecting the bliss and spectacle of the city of Dublin. In the auditorium, you will see the shipbuilding representations in implication and tribute to the area being the former Docklands.

3 – Aviva Stadium

Although sports fans and enthusiasts might specifically be the only people to be interested in seeing this place, whoever you actually are, it would be worth your time to pop in a visit to the Aviva Stadium!

Since it was originally known where the famous Lansdowne Road Stadium stood in 1872, Aviva Stadium is the oldest sports stadium in Europe & the oldest rugby union ground in the world where momentous and groundbreaking football and rugby matches were held.

Here’s a brief history about the opening of the new stadium. Henry Wallace Dunlop, a remarkable sportsman, founded the Lansdowne Road Stadium. It became the first universal sporting site in the world and has significant relations to the history of Ireland and of the world. From 1872, the Lansdowne Road Stadium existed until it was demolished in 2007. It was followed by the establishment and opening of the current Aviva Stadium in May 2010.

It is incredible just by looking at it from outside because its glass construction is not like any other! How much more from within! You will truly get the fantastic feeling of Ireland’s bests!

With a seating capacity of 51,700 people, this bowl-shaped stadium will wow you without a doubt! No wonder it continues to be an exemplary choice among venues for sports namely rugby and football. Furthermore, when this stadium is used for concerts and important assemblies, its wide space is more than enough!

What’s even more superb (and actually tear-jerking!) about the Aviva Stadium is that it was built for a good purpose and with a respectable regard to the city. As its operations are being planned and launched, the management of the stadium aims for positive effects to happen and for negative effects to be hampered or at least lessened.

The building’s design was surely created with the community’s and the environment’s safe condition in mind. The illustration of the sky meeting the ground in a crystal bowl is what it looks and feels like.

Extremely outstanding, the main element with this stadium’s structure is the care and concern for environmental sustainability! Sensors are placed in escalators, so they will work only when used; energy is conserved. Heat coming from generators are utilized essentially to heat toilet water. From the roof, rainwater is gathered and accumulated in tanks, so it can be used for pitch irrigation.

There’s a lot about the Aviva Stadium’s meaningful design! It’s just right to honor the people behind it! It came from the fruitful joint effort of the Dublin‐based pride Scott Tallon Walker Architects and the international architect Populous.

A British Construction Industry Award was given to Aviva Stadium, and you already know the reason why. The public can easily access it through Dublin Bus and Dublin Area Rapid Transit which are more preferable and always convenient than bringing your own car since on match days, there are restricted roads. When you have the chance, go get your ticket to one of the events in Aviva Stadium, and experience how magnificent it would be to be in that wonderful site of art!

Eye On Irish Architecture

Without question, architecture has always been that element that is very vast and flexible. The possibilities of its look and creativity are beyond expectations.

Certainly, it is given high regard in this lovely city, so whether they are houses, libraries, museums or hotels in Dublin, do not be surprised if you will be happily shocked by how astounding architecture definitely is.

Do not forget to take good snapshots of these modern buildings in Dublin. Travel well. Explore. Take home good pictures and beautiful memories from Dublin!


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