Businesses Preparing for LED Lighting Decoration for This Christmas

LED Lighting Decoration

The festive time is drawing nearer and the chimes of Christmas bells can be heard feebly from distance. Plans to celebrate the grand festivity with family and friends have already started as it’s almost time again to decorate your home with lights.

But before you roll out your Christmas lighting this year, qualified electricians in London want to highlight some facts to ensure you and your family stay safe from hazards during the upcoming festive season.

Varieties of lights have flooded the market, offering you more options than ever before. Emergency electricians in London suggest comparing all the options before making your choice. For example, both LEDs and incandescent are high in demand in the market but LED saves money on your utility bills in the long run.

Read on to learn more about making this year’s Christmas lighting at your home truly gorgeous.    

Buying the lights

Many people carefully preserve their decades-old, conventional incandescent filament lighting. If you too belong to that club, it’s great. But it’s also important to make sure that those preserved lighting items meet the latest safety standards like the British Safety Kitemark or the CE Safety Standard mark. If your lighting treasures are too old, they won’t carry any of the safety marks. This means those lighting products have not gone through the rigorous testing procedures and are not safe to use. They carry a higher risk of fire, putting both your life and property under huge and unnecessary risk. 

LEDs carry the much lesser risk of fire compared to conventional incandescents because they work on much lower voltage and never get as hot as filament bulbs. Moreover, as LEDs use diodes and not incandescent bulbs, they are also less likely to break withstanding the huge variation of cold and damp UK weather.  Conventional bulbs have an average life of 9,000 hours while LEDs come with 50,000 hours. Although investing in LEDs is a little costly but that’s worth in terms of greater safety and durability they offer.

Things to remember

  • Never buy lights from second-hand shops
  • All your lights must carry either the British Safety Kitemark or the CE Safety Standard mark
  • Never remove or insert bulbs or light with the switch ‘on’
  • Make sure to test any bulb and wire for damage before pressing them to service
  • Always stick to the set of instructions
  • Make it a point to use RCD to ensure additional protection against electrocution
  • Never ever use indoor light outdoors and outdoor lights indoors
  • Never drag wires from under carpets (This is a major risk of fire)
  • Keep easily flammable objects as much away as possible from lights
  • Avoid fusing cables together
  • Switch off the lights while going out of the house
  • Never ever allow kids to play with the lights
  • After the festivity ends, package the lights carefully so that they don’t get damaged

Moreover, London emergency electricians suggest you should never store lights in extreme hot or damp conditions to prevent them from being quickly damaged.

Christmas lights and their cost

When you switch to LEDs from conventional filament bulbs, you save up to 90% of the lighting cost. LEDs last up to 50,000 hours on average, produce much less heat and consume very less energy. Moreover, they do not come with glass or filament part that is breakable.

 The cost of your Christmas LED lighting at home is more reasonable than you can imagine. A simple light display outside the home along with the average 590 bulbs that run for 6 hours on average every night incur the following cost:

  • The entire December month: £2.32
  • Two weeks of Christmas: £1.05
  • Just the Christmas Day: 8p

This cost is based on the festive lights that have 96.2 wattage and electricity charges at 13p per Kilo Watt (KW).

Christmas lights installation

The outdoor lights are pretty easy to install although you may imagine them otherwise. You can either drape the lights over trees or wrap them around the branches and trunks. Some people also purchase net lights for draping over trees.

Dropping light from the rooftop is also a common strategy in Christmas lighting. You can screw in hooks into the wall of the roof for this. Consider using LED sticks, strings or even rope if you want to illumine the path to your house.

Lighting up the indoors

There are various ways of lighting up the indoors of your home for Christmas. You can either take the conventional approach or take the modern way depending on your taste and choice. While lighting the indoors make sure to highlight the different features in your home – like staircases and fireplaces. If you’re game for modern lighting decoration, consider adding LED lights operated by the battery to jars and lanterns. In fact, this is a great way to illuminate the corners of a room. You can also prepare a Christmas tree on the wall out of these lights.

Your Christmas tree should be the centerpiece in your home. Just add enough lights to it for that extra sparkle. If you need any help on selecting the correct number of lights to make the extra sparkle just consult the information below:

  • A 5-ft tall tree: Requires at least 150 lights for cover and 200 for sparkle
  • A 6-ft tree: Requires at least 250 lights for cover and anywhere between 350 to 400 for sparkle
  • A 7-ft tree: Requires at least 4000 lights for cover and 500 for sparkle

Lighting up outdoor Christmas tree

Christmas is the happiest times of the year. The happiness is reflected in the decorations of town squares and neighborhoods with lighting. You can also create such a decoration in your porch or garden by using themes like Nativity or simple light shows. According to qualified electrical mechanics associated with the Electric Works London, when you switch to LEDs, this added decoration won’t inflate your budget to a great extent.

Garden decoration is very easy to set up and so it is unbelievably popular all over the UK. Feature displays like reindeer and Santa clauses are readily available in the market. Follow these tips to make the most out of Christmas lighting decoration this year.

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