Best Travel Gadgets of 2019 To Enhance Your Travel Experience

Just because you are traveling, you don’t need to completely cut yourself off from technology. You might think you are freeing yourself, but more often than not you are just inconveniencing yourself. Of course, I am not asking you to carry a solar panel on your back while hiking across the Rockies. The trick is to find technology that is compact, efficient and does not get in the way of having a good time.

Personally, I feel most comfortable stretched out on in front of the TV on a Sunday morning, watching Netflix on my Frontier internet plans. But even I feel the need to take a break from city life every now and then. The monotony of routine can make anyone feeling stuck in a never-ending rut. I compromise by always traveling with my handy travel gadgets.

Best Gadgets for Travelers

Technology has made our lives easier, convenient, and safer. Many people advocate leaving technology behind when traveling for a more immersive experience in different cultures. I am not one of them, however. For me, comfort is everything. Why should I wait to get back to the hotel to charge my phone when I can carry a portable battery bank?

Of course, with the market flooded with tiny gadgets, choosing the right ones can be confusing. After all, you only have a limited number of pockets to carry them in. Lucky for you, I can help you narrow down your options. After years of trial and error, I have found the following pieces of technology to be the best travel gadgets:

  1. Portable Battery Bank
  2. High-Quality Earphones
  3. Kindle Book Reader
  4. Luggage GPS

Let’s take a closer look at these gadgets below.

Portable Battery Bank

I don’t have any psychic powers, but I can tell that you get majorly ticked off when your smartphone dies while traveling. How do I know this? Because I get extremely annoyed as well when that happens. Or at least I used to until I started carrying around a battery bank when traveling.

Most young people run their smartphones all day. With such heavy usage, even the most powerful batteries on the market die at some point. Battery banks are a simple solution to this annoying problem. You can charge them to use to charge your smartphone when it runs out of battery. Depending on how powerful your battery bank is, you can charge multiple devices several times on a full charge. Some battery banks even support fast charging for high-end smartphones. You can easily find a battery bank small enough to fit in your pocket for emergencies. Or you can get a bigger one to store in your backpack.

High-Quality Earphones

Earphones are not optional when traveling unless you enjoy the sounds of babies crying on long flights. Getting high-quality earphones has several benefits. You can get a wired or wireless pair, depending on your preference. Be warned that a wireless pair will require frequent charging.

Firstly, you get to enjoy your music with great sound quality. Secondly, many high-end earphones feature active noise canceling, which filters out annoying sounds around you. Thirdly, you can use in-ear earphones as earplugs to get a peaceful sleep on a noisy flight, bus or train. Finally, and my favorite, wearing earphones is the universal signal to tell annoying fellow travelers that you are not to be disturbed.

Kindle Book Reader

Not everyone is a book reader these days, but if you are, then you should never travel without a Kindle. There is nothing more satisfying than sitting in the sun by a beach and reading a good book while sipping a cocktail. Unfortunately, books are not very compact and take up precious space in your luggage. Even if you buy books while visiting a new country, you will need someplace to store them. There’s also the fact that books are not very environment-friendly, considering all the trees cut down for use in the pulp.

A Kindle is an answer to the traveling bookworm’s prayers. A Kindle device is a book reader that allows you to buy and read any number of published ebooks. You can carry a huge number of books on one kindle, as compared to bulky paper books that take up space. Your Kindle will also allow you to surf the internet and watch videos as well.

Luggage GPS

Has an airline ever lost your luggage? Did a shady taxi driver run off with your belongings while you stopped for a coffee? If so, you know how helpless you can feel losing your luggage in unfamiliar surroundings. But what if you could accurately track the current location of your luggage to within a few feet? That’s what luggage GPS trackers are for.

These are tiny, light devices that emit a GPS signal when charged. This allows you to find your luggage, no matter if it is in a different city or a different airport than you. Some luggage trackers even allow you to trigger an alarm via your smartphone to discourage luggage thieves.

I hope these devices can help you enhance your travel experience. These 5 devices can make your life much easier while traveling, even far from technology. I normally can’t wait to get back to my Frontier service area and laze around. But these devices help make being far from home much more bearable.

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