All You Need To Know About Pallet Recycling

Off late, there has been a significant amount of growth in the pallet recycling industry. Companies that deal with pallet recycling offer re-manufactured pallets. They repair the same using quality recycled materials and gives it shape so as to meet the needs of the clients. The product is of regular sizes to encourage business. Hence, even a bulk order is also easy to ship. The most common sizes of pallet include “48×40”, “48×48 “, “42×42″ and ‘ 40×40”.

What is Pallet Recycling?

Pallet recycling is an essential component of the wood pallet industry. It refers to the sorting, refurbishing, dismantling, and reconstruction and sometimes even grinding of the pallet which is thereby used for selling purposes. It is used for constructing boxes to hold varieties of products. It can be controlled and managed by machines like forklifts, front loader, pallet jack, etc. Pallet recycling does not necessarily involve only wood but also includes the refurbishing off plastics, papers, and metal pallets.

What are the benefits of using recycled pallet?

The advantages of using recycled pallet are innumerable. It has both economic benefits and has a positive effect on the earth. Wooden pallets are made from the residue of wood. It is originally carved out of the trees and is further used for constructing wooden items. Hence, it involves an eco-friendly production process. The positive effects of pallet recycling are the following:

  • It reduces waste disposal
  • It lowers the rate of deforestation
  • It brings about a reduced rate of soil erosion
  • Helps in the conservation of valuable resources of nature
  • It provides a clean surrounding

What are the Added Benefits of Using Recycled Pallet?

By using recycled pallet, you are showing your responsiveness towards nature. It involves other beneficial effects too. They are:

  • Using recycled pallet helps the planet from taking up space in a landfill.
  • The comparatively drier recycled pallet material is sturdier and more durable.
  • Recycling of pallet involves less amount of wooden materials and little effort.
  • Recycled pallets are ideal for food and beverage industry specifically.
  • Even broken pallets can be recycled by combining materials.
  • Recycled pallets are suitable for national as well as international shipping.

Uses of Recycled Pallet

You can conveniently use recycled pallet for decorative and other extensive uses. Primarily, pallets are used for the shipment of food and beverages. It doesn’t spoil easily because of its sturdiness. Hence, it can be used again and again for the same purpose. Its repairable qualities allow the user to continue its usage even if it has minor wear and tears. Recycled pallets form a part of gardening. It protects the soil from getting eroded.

Pallets are also used for constructive as well as decorative purposes. Decorative products like the coffee table, bed bases, headboards, bookcases cabinets, etc. are built with the extensive uses of pallet recycling.

Where Would You Find Wooden Pallets?

There are innumerable local businesses which deal with refurbishing and recycling of pallet. In fact, several websites are there which will guide you to select the correct store in your area. Choose a convenient option after thorough research.

Pallet recycling programs

Many companies even offer to promote several on-site pallet management programs. In such programs, trained experts offer to deliver repair work instantly. It helps to bring about a specification in your needs and help you to concentrate on more important work. Other programs like pallet purchase program involve buying standard sized pallets. You get a dealer who would be available on-site to help in the process of loading and removal of items.


Nature has bestowed us with many things. Therefore, by pallet recycling, sustainable development, reusing used items and by taking other such small initiatives we can work towards the environment. Therefore, by using recycled pallets, we can successfully do our bit.

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