Adventure Sports Lover: Read Safety Tips Before Playing

Adventure sports are a great way of pushing your limits. They do not just offer an adrenaline rush but also helps to create memories that last a lifetime!

With more individuals trying to step out of their comfort zone, adventure sports like trekking, parasailing, skydiving, rock climbing, and mountain biking are becoming more popular than ever.

Regardless of their popularity, adventure sports are often accompanied by several risks and have consequently raised the need to avail of an adventure sports insurance policy.

Other than that, adventure sports lovers should always follow the safety norms that come along with such activities.

Tip 1 – Pick the right sport

Adventure sports are mentally and physically demanding. Individuals should always ensure to opt for a sport that is suitable for them and is permissible as per their health conditions and physical abilities.

Individuals who have asthma, heart disorder, faulty blood pressure or vertigo should be extra careful while trying out a particular adventure sport and avail of a doctor’s advice for the same.

Tip 2 – Get an adventure sports insurance policy

Individuals run a high risk of meeting an accident while trying out adventure sports. Such accidents often lead to severe injuries or become a cause of disability. In extreme cases, they may even lead to death.

In such situations, having an adventure sports insurance policy comes handy. Reputed NBFC, Bajaj Finserv provides Pocket Insurance and Subscriptions like Adventure Sports Insurance Cover that help them to be financially prepared to face such situations.

Tip 3 – Know your fitness level

Both physical and mental fitness are crucial when it comes to partaking in adventure sports. Opt for adventure sports that are suitable for you physically and can be enjoyed by you without undergoing excessive mental strain.

Tip 4 – Pick a reliable adventure sports company

Individuals who plan on trying adventure sports should always opt for a sports operator who is reliable and is equipped with potent risk management strategies.

It also helps, if individuals check company reviews and learn more about their track record. Doing so, they would be able to minimise the risk of being stranded in an emergency.

Additionally, they can also avail a suitable adventure sports insurance policy to cover losses and minimise the financial burden of common risks. For instance, Pocket Insurance and Subscriptions like Trekking Travel Insurance Policy which can provide the necessary financial coverage against such mishaps while planning a trekking adventure.

Tip 5 – Follow safety instructions

Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to participating in adventure sports. Individuals should ensure they listen to all the instructions directed by their sports operator and follow them meticulously. It is further advisable to only engage in a sporting activity if an instructor or supervisor is present. Also note that insurance coverage may be subject to whether the activity was pre-planned as a part of the travel itinerary.

Such a practice will help them to minimise the risk of being exposed to fatal injuries and will save them the ordeal of being subjected to unwarranted injuries.

For example, individuals who plan on trying motor baking adventure sports should follow all instructions related to necessary safety equipment and accessories, choice of trail, etc. As most adventure racing sports insurance policies seldom cover self-inflicted injuries and accidents which occur under the influence of intoxicants.

Tip 6 – Avoid going solo

Solo-trips are rewarding in their own special ways, but they also come with a lot of troubles. When individuals go on an adventure trip in a group, they can avoid many unfavorable situations like being stranded alone, feeling helpful in the event of losing a wallet or luggage, etc. Additionally, if an individual is met with an accident while participating in an adventure sport, their friends or family can help them avail of the necessary medical treatment immediately.

Contrarily, if individuals still want to explore adventure sports on their solo trip, they may opt for a Solo Traveller Insurance for the necessary financial assistance during emergencies.

To reiterate, follow these tips, listen to your sports instructor and avail a sports injury insurance cover to enjoy adventure sports in the best possible way!

How to apply for adventure sports insurance?

The entire process to apply for an adventure insurance policy is comprehensively available online. A prospective insurer only has to fill out the online application form and pay the premium. Once the payment is processed, they will be able to avail of the benefit of a sports insurance policy.

How to lodge an insurance claim

The insured individual can lodge a claim via email or phone call. They can email the insurance provider requesting for compensation or intimate your requirements to a customer care executive. Adventure sports insurance is a must-have financial tool for both avid and casual adventure sports lover. It provides coverage against any financial or other liability that an individual may face. It is advisable to have such insurance policies in place before opting for such a trip.

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