7 Instagram Stories Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner

Instagram Stories Hacks

Instagram is one of the best and most used social media platforms in the market. Most people open their eyes later, first they open the app to scroll through the feed. Even businesses use Instagram to connect with their audience and promote their business.

Instagram keeps coming with new strategies and features to appeal more to the audience. One such feature is the Instagram story, which is quite famous among everyone. Here are some statistics about Instagram Stories:

  • As of January 2019, more than 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day
  • 50% of businesses make at least one Instagram stories a month.     

Now, you must be thinking, I already use Instagram stories, why do I need to know about the hacks? Well, because it can help you get more engagement and interaction. So, here are seven Instagram hacks that you should know about.

Let’s begin.

1. Do something different with the font color

Font color can change the game. When you use a solid or bold color with a neutral background, the text looks more appealing and catches the eye of the audience. You can easily change the color of the font:

  • Using the Instagram camera, upload the picture that you want to post as a story
  • You will see an Aa button at the top right corner, click on that
  • A keyword will come up from where you can select some colors per your wish
  • Tap on the preselected color to see more options and variations of that color
  • Once you select the color of your choice, click on done.

2. Go for a drop-shadow effect for the text

Using the Aa button, write something. Then use this button again to write the same text but in a different color. Now, move one layer of the text over others, but in the center, it will help you show the bottom layer too.

3. Upload a boomerang

With the help of boomerang, you can create a small video that looks like a GIF. It is a great content idea that can engage your audience more.

4. Make use of a solid background

It is important to have a solid background for your Instagram stories, as people see every detail on Instagram. Also, a solid background implies that there would be no image, but it is important if you want to audience to focus only on the text. Here are the steps to add a solid background:

  • Upload an image using Instagram, it can be any image as we will change the image in the next step.
  • Now, using the pen icon in the taskbar, you can change the color of the background.
  • After you select the color, click on the screen, and the story’s color will change to that color.
  • When you are done, write anything that you want, and you can also add stickers or filters to make it more attractive.

5. Hide some details to make it interesting

If you have a public account, even the people who are not following you can see your story. So, to engage more people, hide some part of the story and ask the people to visit your profile for full details. For instance, you can add an image and hide the face or some details and ask your viewers to check the post for full details. It is a great way to increase engagement.

6. You can filter or mute the stories that you don’t want to see

Sometimes your account is filled with lots of stories from a lot of people. And even a single person can upload 100s of stories in a day. It can be a lot, and you can filter these accounts so that you don’t see their stories without unfollowing them. Here’s how:

Press on the picture in the stories of your account of the person whose story you want to hide. A menu will pop-up, choose the mute option from that.

7. Tag other Instagram accounts in your stories

One of the best features of Instagram stories is that now it lets you tag other accounts. You can now shout out to another brand or your customer or a collaborator. Here is how you can do this:

Using the Aa icon, write @ and write the user name of the account you want to add, a pop-up menu will come, chose the accounts you want to tag from it. Tag using the pop-up menu only, otherwise, it won’t work. You can tag up to 10 accounts.

You can also use Canva to create an amazing Instagram story.

Happy Instagramming folks!

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