5 Ways How Technology Has Changed the Workings of Search Engine

Technology has diversified the options available to all people and business. Similarly, it has also changed and revolutionized the ways through which search engine works. There have been many new options being considered to practice SEO, just because of the advanced technology and its easy availability. You must have heard of all the complicated terms like machine learning, ranking algorithms by the best SEO company in Karachi. Yes, the reason being – these complicated things are the next big thing in the world of marketing.

Digital marketers are investing their time and effort into it – so they are able to generate maximum profits and benefits for their businesses. Best SEO company in Karachi also advises its users to make the best use out of this platform. Here we have stated 5 ways through which technology has changed the way how the search engine works!

1.      Language Processing:

Google is one of the most used search engines around the globe. In case of any problem – people just make a Google search to it sorted. You need to use the right set of tools when making searches. Let’s look out how it is done. If you’re using a single word many times in the article – it means your article has higher chances of gaining recognition if the same word is used in the search engine.

Let’s explain it better through an example – if you’re using ‘point’ 12 times then your article would appear when someone searches for point. The search engine is vast and there are many tools for recognizing such things. You need to practice everything very efficiently. The language which is being used is the article says a lot about it. Therefore, you need to be very relevant when it comes to designing and writing your article on the search engine and look for the possible ways to gain recognition of the search engine results page.

2.      Context:

When you make a search on Google – to your surprise there are things appearing which are totally out of context and simply don’t match with the thing you searched for. This is because Google knows you very well and all the results and based on the previous searches you have made.

At a time when you search for the ‘best salons for pedicure’ to your surprise all the salons located nearby in your area appear on the search engine results page – because obviously, Google knows on which context you’re making a search. Google is prone to adjusting the searches based on your location. Sometimes, you’re looking at stores which are not in your country, but Google fails to show them because Google thinks it’s out of context to show you stores which are not in your range.

3.      User Satisfaction:

You may think everything becomes simpler and easier through Google, yes because it’s any easy for you due to the technicalities it holds. It strives very hard to offer users the best customer experience. All those websites which have better content receive higher rankings instantly. Google is able to recognize all the visual content and hence, the websites which have visual content are likely to receive a higher ranking than the ones who don’t have any pictures or visuals. The reason is – Google wants to serve its customers in the best possible ways.

4.      Machine Learning:

Google has always been after the idea of inserting machine learning into real-world and soon it was able to do that. Since machine learning became an integral part of the business’s production processes. The human effort and labor started getting eliminated due to an improved replacement by machine learning. As a result of which, Google decided to include the feature of artificial intelligence in the ranking algorithms. This would enable businesses in scoring higher ranking if they’re using artificial intelligence.

This could be referred to as a way to promote artificial intelligence. This has been very helpful because it has helped businesses save a lot of costs, time and effort. For Google, artificial intelligence has made searches clearer and predictable. Because as they say technology is a great predictor of human behavior. 

5.      Virtual Assistants:

You may wonder what a virtual assistant is, well just ask your Siri to make a call for you! Yes, you’re taking help from a virtual assistant. The word ‘assistant’ itself suggests that it is someone to help you out. And virtual means it does not have a physical existence. Therefore, whether it be Siri or Google assistant – they all play the role of virtual assistants who are willing to perform tasks on your behalf. All you need to do is give them some verbal instructions and they’re good to go!

Amazon has also launched its own virtual assistant ‘Amazon Echo – Alexa’. Alexa can do everything for you – may it be playing music, listening to audios or even turning or switching off the light in your house. You just need to pass out instructions and everything would be done for you instantly. Due to this feature, there are reports which suggest that more than half of the teenagers and adults prefer using voice searches. As far as the search engine is concerned – it reacts differently to the typed searches and differently to the voice searches.

Therefore, there are some changes that need to be made to the SEO to adjust it for voice searches. This includes optimizing it for a casual language rather than the formal one. Because most of the voice searches are made in a very casual tone of voice. Basically, it could be said that voice searches are opening new opportunities for search engine.


People are aware of the technological advancements but skeptical to insert it into their marketing strategy. Since not all people are aware of how to handle the changing technology with search engine trends. Not many people have knowledge about it. Due to which we have provided you with an article which discusses the 5 ways through which technology has changed the way the search engine works.

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