4 Powerful Artificial Intelligence Based Products For Online Services

Unless one has burrowed his head deep underground for the last couple of years, he has most likely heard of artificial intelligence (AI). AI has endorsed itself into all aspects of our lives. Artificial intelligence is everywhere at the airport now for advanced security checks. But how can we use artificial intelligence in online services? To answer this, we share powerful and practical ways that retail businesses are using AI in the world of online businesses. We’ve rounded up ten practical examples across multiple industries that demonstrate how pervasive technology has become in online businesses:

  •  Automated Identity Verification:

Business is using identity verification service to ensure the identity of a real person that the users or customers provide. Since we are using the internet for almost everything these days from online bookings to online banking, the cases of online scams and digital frauds are also increasing tremendously. But online merchants need to worry no more because there are AI-based products that can do the verification in real-time, decreasing the probability of digital scams. Such examples include Shufti Pro, Trulioo, etc.

  • Automated Customer Care Support:

These days Virtual assistants have grown to be a very common technology. A chatbot a platform that emphasizes the value of human interactions and connection. It replaces forms with AI Instead of traditional marketing and sales platforms that rely on forms and follow-ups, it connects business with the best leads in real-time, like a virtual assistant for your website. Traditional support channels cost businesses a whopping amount of money and wastage of human resources that can be directed toward more intelligent and creative tasks otherwise. So artificial intelligence helps in building relationships with customers making businesses flourish more. For example Zendesk, Avio, Botsify, etc.

  • Automated Social Media Marketing Tool:

Every business has a marketing department working to make the business popular and help to connect with the customer. Social media marketing, in this regard, is an effective way of connecting with customers. Social media demands a major time commitment to the strong presence there. Those brands which stay active and keep their content up-to-date, customers like to engage with them more often. These tools perform automated publishing, add identity trending content, publish new posts automatically, etc. Companies can increase their efficiency on social media sites by automated tools that take much of the legwork out of this type of marketing, freeing staff members up for other campaigns, bringing up more profits to the business. Examples include Hootsuite, Agora Plus, Buffer, etc.

  • Personalized Shopping Experience:

For the online stores, artificial intelligence implementation makes it possible to use the smallest piece of data about every followed link to personalize your experience on a deeper level. This personalization results in timely alerts, messages, visuals that should be particularly interesting to you, and dynamic content that modifies according to users’ demand and supply. Online stores can also change currency and interface automatically, send notifications about discounts on best-selling products, and offer time limits on desirable items.Choice.ai, wiggle, etc are some examples.

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