10 Ways To Become A Good Student

The planning and the way of studying directly affect the efficiency in each study session, as well as its duration and frequency. Many students complain that they study hard and do not learn; they feel they can’t remember because it’s a lot of information or because they don’t understand. That is why you will see a lot of them uttering these words to their classmates to write an essay for me. It is clear that they do not have a good technique, they study messily and trying to fulfill the obligations as they are presented, there is no habituation or a strategy. In that sense we will see two pyramids of basic concepts to studying:

The relationship between Planning, Commitment, and Room

Generating a habit takes between 21 and 40 days (according to different studies), to take the habit of doing the same at the same time it is necessary to arrange that time (programming) and force yourself in the first days to do it (commitment). This guarantees the dedication and adequate time needed to study.

The relationship between Motivation, Attention, and Memory

People only remember what interests you; attention is focused (concentration) on what motivates you. A great determinant in school failure is that children and young people do not find a reward in going to school and their focus is on sharing with their peers or developing other skills such as sports, so they do not “learn.” When there is a real motivation, a taste for knowledge is generated.

Every day there are new students and professionals who stand out for having a satisfactory and successful life on various fronts, that is why, today more than ever, academic success is very important, because a prosperous and outstanding work future is beginning to be built.

The university is nowadays one of the main tools to become an outstanding student and, thus, to go out to the labor market with a certain advantage over other professionals.
Academic success is not easy, but it is not exclusive to geniuses or gifted. Learn some tips that will help you have better academic performance and stand out among your classmates:

1. Organize your time and activities 

Use the tools you want: agenda, notebook, computer or cell phone. Write down all the activities you should do, analyze how much you spend on each activity, think of strategies to speed up tasks and make the most of your time. Keep in mind the hours it takes to get from one place to another. This organization will help you focus better, motivate yourself and be clear about your academic priorities. 

2. Learn to give more than expected

One of the keys to success and to differentiate between the competitions is not only to fulfill the assigned tasks but to give a little more each time. This touch of distinction is seen as dedication and effort and can lead you to other people to give good references to the quality of your work. Remember that academic excellence consists in meeting the challenges and proposing something else. So that you are not the best at doing homework, completing them and giving a little more than expected, it can help you look good in front of your teachers and classmates.

3. Complement your academic profile

Look for extracurricular activities that can help you improve your career. Not only can this increase and complement your learning but it will make you look like an active person. Remember that in the future these activities, in addition to competitions, conferences, seminars, and workshops, will give you much more learning and, in a professional future, they will be attractive elements in your resume.

4. Update yourself permanently

Constant learning and reviewing things seen in other semesters will help you be a better student. Doing so is, without a doubt, one of the main weapons that you should keep in mind if you want to excel in the academic world, not only because you will have more knowledge, but because you can use more efficiently all the elements of your professional career. Do not be left behind. Being updated is a fundamental part of any profession.

5. Study with passion 

Finally, remember that everything you do, from the minimum to the great, you must do it with desire. Find a way to motivate yourself, whether through your career goals, a taste for it or affinity with your classmates. Through passion and effort, you will be able to do all your activities better and when you find a taste for tasks, you will perform them more efficiently and you will feel better about yourself. 

The Golden Rule

As you have probably heard more than once, study techniques are important to be a brilliant student. There are ways to learn, and you must find the one that best suits your lifestyle. In the end, if you want to obtain better results, you have to use common sense: to study you learn by studying and you can find on the Internet, in the books or with the help of your teaching staff what are the existing methods to choose the one that best suits you. During classes, you should pay attention to what your teacher exposes in class. Take notes, use colored pencils, ask any questions you have and review the notes during the day with some reading of them. You must be aware of the subject you are studying and avoid the minimum distractions. Similarly, remember to study in a spacious, tidy place and if you have a habit of doing it at the same time, the better. Your schedule can be flexible but manage and organize your time properly.


The memory is also key to being a brilliant student. But you should always understand everything you want to memorize, that’s why it is so important that you organize your notes well and take the appropriate notes. There are some things that require memorization and can be more expensive, such as, for example, publication names, dates, first names … you should look for a formula that helps you identify them and read them as many times as you deem necessary. Similarly, it is important to study what you learn in class every day. Do not study only when the exam date approaches. Each of these tests is different and you should take it into account when planning your study. If you leave everything in the end, there is a better chance that you are not clear about the subject and it is easier for you to end up with a head full of formulas and definitions that can confuse you. We recommend that you write a weekly schedule for your exam, and use your time wisely always, with your free time and your hours dedicated to your studies. Finally, rest enough hours a day to avoid tiredness and nervousness. Likewise, your diet should be healthy and balanced, and if you perceive that it is difficult for you to concentrate, you can consider doing some kind of sport that always brings us benefits to feel better.

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