What are the Most Important Documents Needed for ITR?

Documents Required for ITR

Income tax return (ITR) is the tax form needed file tax on income with the Income Tax Department, under the Central government. The tax return has a worksheet format which has the income figures on which tax liability of an individual or business house is calculated. ITR has to be …

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Enhance Your Beauty With The Help Of A Makeup Artist

Enhance Your Beauty

Who doesn’t love working on their skin to enhance their beauty? But how is it possible? Taking care of skin can be a little difficult for beginners but it is always possible under the supervision of a makeup artist like Nitika Arora Makeovers. The job of a makeup artist is …

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Selenium – Time to move from Manual to Automation


With regard to software development in modern times, software testing is mandatory to achieve quality and standard results. Manual tester’s work involves testing applications manually which initially may be easy but as time goes repetition may become tedious and time-consuming. In old times automation of browsers was a costly affair. …

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10 Guidelines To Follow While On A Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss

Having a healthy body and a fit physique is what most of us aspire for. But reaching that ultimate goal might not be as easy for everyone. A bad workout regimen, unhealthy choice of food, lack of motivation or even the impatience shown in the journey of getting good results …

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Rendezvous with the Precursors of Famous Abstract Art

Abstract Art

Initially, there were limitations on the artistic creativity owing to the standards of fine arts. Painters and sculptors only created the impression of beauty as they saw and not how they perceived it. One needs to read between the lines and in the same way, the impression of reality needed …

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What Gifts I get for my Wife on our 5th Wedding Anniversary?


The relationship between husband and wife is very interesting indeed. Both of them tend to share the sweetest bond on this earth. The best about the bonding is that each other’s expect a lot from a relationship, which makes the relationship stronger. Indeed, whichever relationship you talk about the relationship …

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How To Choose The Best Travel Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer

Blow dryers are one such solace. Actually, I couldn’t live in a virus place without one, on the grounds that my hair could NEVER dry, and this can be unfortunate for some, reasons (becoming ill-being one of them). Luckily, I’ve figured out how to have a blow dryer in my …

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Top Dishes to Try in Kerala

Dishes to Try in Kerala

Kerala is that the place that’s famous for colorful flavors, thus do not be appalled by the recent curries and dishes of this state. Kerala preparation may be a mixture of each produce lover and non-vegetarian dishes however heat and style guaranteeing that it waits long in your brain. Aboard …

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